Welcome to the Integrated Flight Briefing System (IBS)
of the Aeronautical Information Service of the Czech Republic

The IBS is an application providing (offering) a pre-flight preparation service to registered as well as unregistered users. Data are supplied from information systems of the ANS CR, however availability of the service cannot be granted.

Using IBS user agrees with terms of use.

Unregistered users have interactive access to NOTAM, textual and graphical information about weather and ATIS. They can also draw information from the AIP of the CR. These options are available via upper menu – NOTAM, METEO, ATIS, or AIP.

Registered users can file a flight plan, preview or amend a filed flight plan, plan a flight or request a pre-flight preparation.

Help Window appears if you click on the question mark on top of the relevant menu.

Problems, comments, enquiries ? please contact: ibs@ans.cz.


using the Single Sign On for Aeronautical Information Service applications service.
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